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Patient Testimonials - Radiant Rejuvenation - Seattle

Surgical Procedure Testimonial

The first time I met Dr. Lau and his staff was when I accompanied my best friend to a procedure she was having done at Radiant Rejuvenation. Even though I was not a patient as that time, I was impressed from the moment I walked in because the receptionist was so kind, warm and organized. Everyone on his staff, including Dr. Lau made it a point that day to greet me, bring me refreshments and magazines and made sure I was comfortable while I waited for my friend. I was so impressed with the way the office was run that I wanted to become a patient myself!

I went into see Dr. Lau for the first time over a year ago for a consultation on possibly having vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Lau examined me, asked me many questions and then spent over an hour educating me about why my body felt the way that it did. I had had my last child five years prior to that and ever since then I had experienced incontinence and also felt that sex wasn't enjoyable because I'd lost the elasticity in my vagina. Every doctor, physical therapist and trainer before Dr. Lau had just told me that this problem would either resolve itself, I needed to do more kegels or that I should just "learn to live with it because everything changes after you have kids." Dr. Lau told me that he would be able to help me resolve both problems.

It's been over a year since my surgery and I am thrilled with my results. I no longer have incontinence and I feel "tight" and confident again about my vagina. I felt like Dr. Lau was able to not only give me back my lost dignity, but also improved the quality of my life. I give rave reviews to Dr. Lau because he has a wonderful bedside manner, he listens, he educates you on what he is going to do in the surgery, he communicates well about what the goals are so that you're on the same page and his follow up care is as excellent as the rest. I also adored his nurse and all the care staff that works there. You can tell that they are all invested emotionally in giving you the best care and results they possibly can. I cannot say enough great things about my experience. I think of Dr. Lau and his staff often as they truly changed my life for the better. Thank you!" " Anonymous


From the patient: As I aged, I found that it was getting more difficult to have an orgasm while making love with my husband of 40+ years. It was becoming increasingly frustrating for both of us!

After doing some research, we saw a plastic surgeon in downtown Seattle, who was willing to do the procedure (clitoral unhooding), but offered no guarantees that it would solve my issue. The surgeon's quote for the procedure was also cost-prohibitive.

After looking online, we found Dr. Lau and both of us are eternally grateful for his level of expertise and professionalism. At the first visit, he listened very carefully, not only to me, but to my husband as well. Although it was somewhat difficult to talk about an "intimate" subject, Dr. Lau made both of us feel very comfortable. After explaining the surgical procedure in detail, he talked about the general female aging process, and then suggested that I initially try a hormone cream for a few weeks, rather than having surgery immediately. Being an RN, I was very impressed with his initial conservative approach.

Although the cream made a slight difference, it was not enough, and after seeing Dr. Lau a second time, the surgery was scheduled. He explained what to expect and provided very comprehensive post-op instructions. His surgical fee was also very reasonable - one third of the downtown doctor!

On the day of the procedure, I was made to feel very comfortable by Dr. Lau and his nurse. They explained each step along the way and continually reassured me during the procedure. After returning home, Dr. Lau even called me that evening to make sure I was doing ok. That's almost unheard of! During the follow up visits, Dr. Lau also provided very individualized care, ordering another hormone cream to improve things even more!

In closing, Dr. Lau and his staff are amazing!! The surgery was a huge success and life is better than ever!! THANK YOU!!!!!" P. B.


From the patient's husband: After being married for 40+ years, it was getting impossible for my wife to feel good about making love. Being an engineer, I knew there had to be a mechanical issue that my wife needed to have fixed. The hood over her love button appeared to be about the size of a hood on a 1936 Buick!

From the first time we met with Dr. Lau, I was very impressed by him and his commitment to helping my wife. I told him I wanted to blow on my wife from across the room and have her climax!

OMG - what a fine doctor and what fantastic results!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!" J. B.


Dr. Lau is one of the most thorough, thoughtful and experienced surgeons I've ever worked with. He took the time to explain each aspect of the surgery and also encouraged questions so that I was completely comfortable prior to the surgery, and during recovery. It is evident that Dr. Lau is committed to patient satisfaction. His pleasant demeanor makes him a joy to work with."K. A.


My experience at Radiant Rejuvenation can be expressed in one word, amazing. From Front Desk Personnel Jennifer, to Medical Esthetician Susan, to Dr Lau himself. I have never felt so comfortable & taken care of as I did here. At this office, you are the main priority & focus. For each my consult, pre op, procedure & post op, I was given clear instructions & every bit of information & detail from start to finish. Everything was done timely & from the moment I arrived I felt as if I was the only client there & that this day was about one thing & one thing only, me. Which obviously they have many clients, so that individual attention was so key for me. Jennifer is extremely nice & helpful, I was coming in from out of state & she went as far as helping me find a car service to get me from the airport to my appointment. Susan, love this woman. She escorted me to a room prior to my procedure, may I just say how relaxing this room was? Comfortable heated bed with feather like comforters, candles & relaxing music. I was given a snack so the pain medication would not upset my stomach, offered beverages, I felt cared for & extremely relaxed & comfortable. During my procedure, she was right by my side visiting with me & assisting."

"Then there's Dr Michael Lau, what a wonderful man. I have never met a Dr with such a warm personality. Any questions or concerns I had were immediately answered & explained. My procedure went extremely well & he made me feel very cared for. I was assured that I could voice any concern at any time & was given numbers to call day or night. I received a phone call from him personally that same evening to check on me since he knew after my procedure, I was being driven by a friend to her house about an hour & a half away from his office. These people genuinely care about the well being of their clients. As someone in the cosmetology industry, I tend to be a bit of a stickler & very judgmental when it comes to customer service & I was beside myself with how wonderful my experience was. I will recommend this office & Dr Lau to everyone I come across. I will also say that when I need something done, I will fly out of state again to go to Radiant Rejuvenation. Prices are fantastic as well, Bravo!" Anonymous

Labiaplasty (Labioplasty) Testimonial

It was clear, minutes into my consultation, that Dr. Lau was special. He explained the procedure I was interested in (labiaplasty) completely, answered all of my questions, and explained why he uses the techniques that he does. His bedside manner is excellent, he's warm and comforting. The result of my surgery was better than I could have ever hoped for. He is a surgical genius. He restored my sexual confidence and self-esteem in the bedroom. I feel feminine and finally normal. Go to Dr. Lau and ONLY Dr. Lau." J. W.

Fraxel 1927 Laser Testimonial

When Susan Cummins, the medical esthetician at Radiant Rejuvenation, invited me to try the new Fraxel 1927 Laser treatment, I didn’t realize how wonderful the results would be! The procedure was comfortable since Susan put a topical anesthetic on my face and used a cooling device during and just after the Fraxel procedure. Only for a couple of hours after the procedure I felt like I had a sunburn, but icing my skin helped a lot, and that feeling quickly went away. While my skin was healing, it felt a little rough and dry and looked tanned. I used moisturizers and a mineral makeup to minimize those effects. Finally by the end of the week, the old skin gradually began to peel away and my new skin was firmer and tighter as well as soft, smooth and even in color. The effects were so amazing that my skin looked like I already had put my makeup on… I almost walked out the door one day without any makeup at all! I had no downtime from the Fraxel procedure and never missed a day of work. I would highly recommend this new Fraxel 1927 Laser treatment at Radiant Rejuvenation. Susan Cummins is an expert in her field and makes her patients feel comfortable and at ease. And best of all, the “Wow Effect” from the procedure is amazing!!" JL from Seattle

Thermage CPT Testimonials

I was nervous about having a Thermage procedure since I have a very low tolerance for pain. Susan reassured me that the new CPT system (the new hand piece) would not hurt, and she was RIGHT! While I was lying down during the procedure, we chatted and laughed while she worked on my tummy. After having had two pregnancies with C-section births, I was very self conscious about my 'tummy ledge', the excess skin hanging over my scar. I saw immediate results from the Thermage treatment, just 60 minutes after Susan started the procedure. I am four weeks out now and continue to see my tummy 'shrinking'. I love the smooth flatness that I see and love how I look in jeans and pants. I don't see the bulge as I used to. I would HIGHLY recommend Thermage." Tiara from Seattle


Having Thermage at Radiant was an amazing experience. My results are so incredible! Changes in my appearance could be seen immediately after Susan completed my Thermage treatment. I feel like she was able to take ten years off my age. I only wish I had gone to see her sooner." Joni from Seattle


Thermage was wonderful, safe and non-invasive. With kids and zero free time, Thermage was perfect for me because there was NO down time and absolutely no pain involved. The results that I’ve experienced have been great. I saw instant improvements, and further improvements continued in the following weeks and months. I would recommend Thermage to anyone!" L.S. Edmonds, WA