Out-of-town and International Patients

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For our Out-of-town and International Patients - Radiant Rejuvenation - Seattle

Dr. Michael Lau

Dr. Michael Lau welcomes patients from out of Washington State. For many years, Dr. Lau had a consultation practice in Sitka, Alaska, providing labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and other vaginal and gynecologic surgery services to patients from Alaska. Due to the increasing demand of his commitment to all of his patients, it became necessary for Dr. Lau to provide his services only in the Seattle area through the Edmonds Women's Clinic and Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery. Patients are still flying from Alaska to receive care from Dr. Lau. With Dr. Lau's long standing commitment to provide his specialty care to patients from Alaska, especially for his expertise in labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and pelvic plastic surgery, we have developed a well organized mechanism to accommodate our patients from Alaska as well as from Eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Lau would be happy to work with your primary care physician in your local area to provide continued care post-operatively, if needed, to ensure your safe and complete recovery.

Consultation and Surgery

Arrangements for our out-of-area patients

Phone consultation: Please call the Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to set up the initial phone consultation at 425.712.7546. Our office manager can provide you with some of the basic information that you will need to proceed to a phone consultation with Dr. Lau. She might ask you to email Dr. Lau any relevant clinical information, including photographs of your areas of concern.

A complimentary phone consultation will then be set up with Dr. Lau, during which he can provide you with options for the next steps to complete the consultation and advice on treatment options.

In-person consultation and surgery

We have worked out an efficient and smooth mechanism to accommodate our out-of-state patients, either flying or driving from Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, or Montana.

After the initial phone consultation with Dr. Lau, an in-person consultation and surgery can often be scheduled.  We recommend that you arrive in Edmonds in the afternoon before the scheduled surgery day.  Dr. Lau needs to see you in person then, before or after you check into the area hotel.  He will then complete your consultation with further discussion and examination.  The details of the proposed surgery will then be discussed, and Dr. Lau will go over the consent forms for the procedures.  He and his staff will further discuss your pre-operative and post-operative care.  If needed, lab tests will be done at the same visit.  The pre and post-operative medication prescriptions will be given to you.  You will then be free to explore the local area with many fine restaurants and extensive shopping options.

Dr. Lau has many years of extensive experience in labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and pelvic plastic surgery, and has worked with many patients from out-of-state, especially in Alaska. In almost all cases through the phone consultation, he can advise the patient with the most appropriate and relevant treatment solutions, and the in-person consultation the day before surgery usually just confirms his recommendation. If the patient's problem is unusually complex, then Dr. Lau would advise the patient of the possibility of a revision of his recommendation after the in-person consultation, which is the necessary step to complete the consultation process.

For patients coming in from Eastern Washington or the Portland area, Dr. Lau can also see these patients for the in-person consultation in the morning of the proposed surgery and perform the surgery later in the afternoon of the same day.

Surgery and post-operative care

The patient will come to the clinic one hour before the surgery, if done at the Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery facility. If in-hospital surgery is requested, the patient needs to arrive at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds two hours before surgery.

Most patients for labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation are treated at the Radiant office under local anesthesia. After surgery, a nursing care professional will take you back to your hotel by her car. She will stay with you for a couple of hours or longer, if needed, to make sure that you are comfortable and provided for before leaving. You can reach Dr. Lau or his staff by phone for any concerns and questions.

You can talk to Dr. Lau or his staff by phone or see him in person the day after the surgery before departing the Edmonds area. Dr. Lau will speak with you by phone one to two weeks after surgery for a scheduled post-operative check up, or anytime if you ever have any questions or concerns. Photos of the area of concern can be transmitted by email for evaluation. Dr. Lau can also work with your primary care physician in your local area, if necessary, to ensure your complete and safe recovery.

Travel arrangements and special accommodations for our out-of-state and international patients

We welcome our out-of-state and international patients. In order to make sure that they will have a comfortable and safe stay for their cosmetic procedures, we have made special arrangements to care for our out-of-area patients traveling to see Dr. Lau in Seattle.

Accommodations: Our office is located in the lovely waterfront town of Edmonds in the State of Washington. There are several comfortable hotels within a mile radius of our office. Several are close to the Edmonds waterfront and others are close to Alderwood Mall, the premier, upscale shopping mall in the Pacific Northwest. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants in the area and room service or delivery are readily available. The following are links to some of the area hotels. Please ask for the special rate for the Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery patients.

Courtyard Marriott Embassy Suites Best Western




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Transportation: Edmonds is located 30 miles north of the SeaTac International Airport, about 40 minutes by car via Interstate 5 from the airport. Shuttle services, taxis or town car services are readily available. From the local hotels, one can get to Dr. Lau's office by taxi or hotel shuttle, if available, in minutes. After surgery, the nurse that we will arrange for you will drive you back to your hotel.

Post-operative nursing care and departure: We will make arrangements to have a nurse available to escort you after surgery from the clinic to your hotel. She will stay with you for at least two hours to make sure that you are taken care of and comfortable before leaving. Her charge would be a very reasonable rate of about $25 per hour. The nurse can stay with you as long as you feel that you need her.

Dr. Lau and his staff will be available by telephone 24 hours a day to take care of your concerns post-operatively. Usually the patients stay for one or two days before departing for home. Dr. Lau and his staff will check with you or see you in the clinic before your departure to make sure that you are fine to travel. For most vaginal surgeries, patients are comfortable enough for the flight home on the first or second day after the procedure.