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Mommy Makeover - Seattle - Radiant Rejuvenation

Mommy Makeover

Having a baby certainly brings tremendous joy to a woman.  However, there are many changes that can occur with the pregnancy, labor and delivery that impact the aesthetics and function of certain areas of the body.  "Mommy makeover" is a phenomenon popularized in the last few years, which is definitely a well deserved renewal process for the new mother.  "Mommy makeover" encompasses many aspects of renewal. While a holistic approach to improve the general health and fitness of the new mommy is essential, there are recommendations that Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Michael Lau can make to help you accelerate and complete the process of "mommy makeover."  As a gynecologist, Dr. Lau can help you with the hormonal, nutritional and emotional aspects of the "mommy makeover" process.  As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lau can also help you to rejuvenate the areas of the body that might have been damaged during pregnancy, labor and delivery, utilizing some state-of-the-art technologies non-invasively.

General Health & Fitness & Sexual Function

As a gynecologist, Dr. Lau can provide recommendations on issues relating to restoration of normal hormonal balance, contraception options and family planning, general nutrition and exercise, and post-delivery sexual health and function to help you get back to your full health and fitness as a woman.

General Skin Care

Radiant Rejuvenation can assist you in restoring your skin tone and appearance that might have changed with pregnancy. For example, there could be pigmentation changes on your face and small hemangiomas (red spots) developed during the pregnancy that we can help correct with skin care products or light/laser therapy.

Loose Abdominal Skin

Even in younger women, pregnancy can stretch out the skin of the abdomen causing loose, sagging, and wrinkled skin.  Using the non-invasive office procedure of Thermage, the loose, sagging skin of the abdomen can be toned to be firm and tight again using the RF energy of Thermage.  The photo of a 28 year old patient, a mother of two, shows how Thermage treatment of her abdomen produced quite obvious and dramatic improvements.  She was absolutely delighted with this aspect of "mommy makeover" for her.

Thermage Tummy for Mommy Makeover

Loose Vagina, Loss of Vaginal Sensation

This is a common problem among mothers that is often not addressed by the usual "mommy makeover."  This is due to many factors, such as embarrassment, lack of information available, acceptance as part of the aging process, or lack of available expertise to help by most "mommy makeover" physicians.  Dr. Lau, being a pelvic plastic and cosmetic surgeon, can provide mothers with options to restore and improve their aesthetic and sexual functions, often with minimally invasive procedures. 

This specific "mommy makeover" program includes vaginal rejuvenation, where the internal vaginal canal can be tightened, along with the improvement of the vagina muscle tone, to enhance the sexual function for both the woman and her partner.  With the trauma of vaginal delivery, the vaginal opening - the vaginal introitus - is frequently torn or damaged causing a loose vagina, which can be felt or even observed.  Part of the vaginal rejuvenation process of "mommy makeover" includes perineoplasty, the tightening of the vaginal opening with reduction of part of the labia and perineal tissue and rebuilding of the perineal body, a process that will make the vagina look and feel like that of pre-childbirth, a truly gratifying reward for the mother.  Occasionally, if the labia are enlarged with childbirth, labiaplasty can be performed at the same time as the vaginal rejuvenation process of the "mommy makeover." The combination of the procedures of vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty are demonstrated in the photos below.  The post-operative photo was taken only 20 days after the procedure, showing dramatic restorative and rejuvenation effects, a truly gratifying result for the patient.

Vaginal Rejuvenation for Mommy Makeover

The photos show vaginal rejuvenation combined with labiaplasty.

Complimentary Consultation

If you have any interest or questions related to our "mommy makeover" program, please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation at Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery. If you are out-of-state or international, please contact Susan Cummins at 425.712.7546 to set up a phone consultation with Dr. Lau to discuss your concerns and our specific "mommy makeover" program in Seattle.